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In love with a gangster 2[ Deep and dark poetry]
Published By smriti jha on 2011-10-11 358 Views

This is the confession of a girl who was in love with a gangster. She was rescued from the building where the cops had [ later on ] encountered the gangster. She lived with him for almost four years. Sometimes we fall for the wrong man and it is not our fault as love is always blind.
The poem is a metaphorical expression. Gangster is here a symbol of tormentation. It also reflects some of your deepest wounds, betrayals and some painful inflictions. However, I do not want to hurt any one here. It is just an expression.
This is a tale of torture. A girl is confessing the truth about her lover, a gangster. Most of us are blinded by good looks but there is always something behind the thin bland surface. I hope you will enjoy this poem but it was quite painful to write.


Thousand pieces of my broken heart

writhe and sings the tale of bedevilment

[ torture] love kills when faith turns delusive.

Innocense is masscred.

Ppromises are shattered

I have lived with the darkest truth

 a killer behind the beautiful face,

his ugliest secrets.

A gangster only knows his gun

traitorous to even his own mother and son

I am one of those fallen angels

, a blood splattered mistress,

under his satanic grip.

my beautiful body now bruished ,

damages are irrepairable..

Graveyard will surely smell this monster

My life ends in love with this gangster…


To be continued…

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